As a homeowner, there are probably three vitally important things you look for when hiring outside help to work on your property:

•             Value for money

•             Quality workmanship

•             Trustworthiness


However there is another element that should be top of mind because of its vital importance to the community at large, as well as in your own home – safety. Just how safe is that tradie who arrives to work on your garden or home?

Safety in the home and the workplace is a serious business. Serious because accidents in the workplace are tragically too common and can result in serious injury, and even death. The cost to the community is huge. The Grey Army plays its role in minimising this burden on our health system by ensuring that our tradesmen follow all of the policies and procedures laid down in the Occupational Health and Safety (OH & S) Acts to not only minimise harm to themselves but also to those around them.

For the dozens of tradesmen who work for the Grey Army, OH & S is a number one priority. Where your life, your property and the wellbeing of your Grey Army worker on your property is concerned, nothing is left to chance.

These professionals are expertly trained and qualified to work in all potentially dangerous situations. They know the correct way to work on ladders and in places above ground. They hold the required certification to operate in these places. The Grey Army workers are qualified to handle their equipment and tools. All electrical tools are regularly tested and tagged so their service history is easily able to be checked. The workers wear the right protective gloves, goggles and clothes.

Being skilled workers and offering great value for money as part of their excellent service is not enough for the Grey Army. They put their health and safety, as well as yours, at the top of their list.

The Grey Army gives a total guarantee of excellence in every aspect of their work.