Going into business on your own can be a potential minefield.  If you’re thinking of starting a handyman or gardening business in Australia, you’ll need to be clear on your answers to the following questions before you even begin to pick up your tools.

  • How will you start?
  • What will you call your business?
  • How will you market your brand?
  • How will you separate yourself from the growing competition and – most importantly – win clients?
  • While you may be highly skilled in home and property maintenance, how honed are your financial skills?
  • Will you need a business plan?

Going it alone when you’re starting a handyman business can leave you feeling just that – alone.  With no track record, no recognisable name and possibly a lack of business acumen, even a highly skilled handyman may stumble at the first hurdle.

anthonytrailer        There is an alternative!

Starting a handyman business, or starting a lawn mowing business, under the banner of a reputable franchise brand like the Grey Army gives you the credibility and reassurance you need to hit the ground – or mow the lawn! – running.

Consider the advantages:-

  • You’ll enjoy the benefit of being part of a well-established, trusted network. In a sector which is often saturated with negative publicity, you can’t put a price on that.
  • You’ll receive relevant training and advice in starting a handyman business. You will begin making a profit in the shortest possible time, minimising your risk.
  • You’ll benefit from ongoing brand marketing, allowing you to concentrate on doing what you do best – and build a successful franchise business in the process.
  • As part of a franchise network you’ll receive regular support from an experienced head office team, including incoming jobs from their call centre.

Starting a handyman business doesn’t need to be a time of trials and tribulations. The franchise team at Grey Army understands your aspirations and your business.

Think Grey Army franchise.