Grey Nomads

We all know who we mean by the Grey Nomads. The grey is for the colour of their hair and the nomads is for their travel. Grey Nomads are, in the main, retirees who have chosen to travel. For some it’s travel within their own state. For others it’s seeing as much of the Great South land as they can visit and for others it’s even going overseas. The point being, wherever these retirees travel, these Grey Nomads are away from home. In many cases their home is empty.

So what happens to their property while they are away? Not everyone has family, friends or neighbours who can take responsibility for an empty nest. And besides, there are many nomads who don’t feel happy putting such a responsibility on others. So what’s the solution? Simple – contact the Grey Army.

Here are some of things the Grey Army can easily and professionally do for you and your property.

  • Mow the lawns
  • Keep the garden neat and tidy
  • Empty the letterbox clear, especially of junk mail
  • Water the garden
  • Check the windows and doors
  • Set lights to operate on a timer
  • Report anything unusual to a contact provided by the absent owner

There is no price which can equate to peace of mind. You’re enjoying a cuppa with your caravan parked beside a tranquil river a long way from home and you can relax and enjoy your trip knowing the Grey Army is taking care of your property.

Doing the basics around your house and garden not only indicates that the property is being lived in, it also maintains the value of your home. This simple maintenance can save you costly repairs at some time in the future. If your guttering gets blocked and a serious downpour causes flooding, who knows what sort of damage can be done to your home? Having the Grey Army provide regular checks and services makes your property safe and gives you that priceless peace of mind.

You can trust the extremely trustworthy Grey Army to take responsibility for your property. And if something untoward happens, you can further trust the Grey Army to contact you and/or the people on the list you provide in case of an emergency. It is so comforting to have reliable people take responsibility for all that you hold dear.

And coming home means that your garden will look a million dollars when you swing into the driveway all thanks to the Grey Army.