You know that spring has sprung because your garden has taken over. And with summer following spring, now is the time to think about so many tasks around the house. Keeping your garden trim and terrific makes sense for two very important reasons.

  • You feel great knowing your garden looks great and
  • Damage to your property from overgrown plants will simply not happen


The warmer weather is welcome news for your garden. Throw in some solid rainfall and you have the ideal climate for energetic plants. Mind you they don’t tell you they’ve grown into a downpipe or sneaked inside a window frame. They head skywards making them much harder to control in the future. They drop their blossom in all sorts of places.

We regularly visit our GP to check on our own health. Well why not the same thing for our garden and house exterior? ‘Nip it in the bud’ is given a whole new meaning. If you are no longer nimble or if you were at the end of the queue when the green thumbs were being handed out, hiring an expert and experienced gardener is the ideal solution.

One of the best things about hiring good people experienced in the lawn & garden maintenance field is not just that they do an expert job for a very reasonable fee but rather that they can give your garden an all over health check as well.

They know what signs to look for in your garden and on the exterior of your home. They can discover any problems before they become serious. Blossom looks great in the warmer months but nature can move blossom making your drainage less than perfect. In turn a blockage can cause damage to the exterior and sometimes even the interior of your home.

With the arrival of summer comes a whole range of gardening tasks. Tasks that include fertilising your lawn and fruit trees, cleaning gutters, removing mould from pathways – even preparing a vegetable garden so you can save money growing your own produce.

Take the stress out of life. Discover the benefits of the Grey Army with their talented, down to earth and experienced staff. Dealing with the experts has never been so easy.

Reputation means everything in business today. Solid, reliable and with all the latest equipment and knowledge are the characteristics you find when dealing with the soldiers of the Grey Army. They arrive at the agreed time, will give you a detailed free quote and are actually able to do all the tasks required in a professional and prompt manner?

Prepare for summer at your home with the Grey Army in your camp.