Life is full of seasonal change.  We bake in summer and shiver in winter. In-between we plant in spring and rake up the leaves in winter. In fact, Autumn is for preparation as we prepare ourselves for the long, cold months ahead.

Our Autumnal checklist for around the house:

  • Clear gutters
  • Fix leaks
  • Flush downpipes, clear drains
  • Service tanks and watering systems
  • Clean windows
  • Rake leaves
  • Compost or mulch
  • Repair, renew garden
  • Landscaping

But why do these tasks now?

You do these tasks in Autumn because it’s the best time. The weather is cooler and the serious rain and cold weather hasn’t arrived.

It’s a knock-on effect. The leaves fall and land in your gutters. The watering system you’ve used a lot in summer is now almost idle. The loose tiles or cracks in your flashing on the roof need fixing before the wet weather gets serious. Your windows need cleaning before the storms arrive. And while your garden goes into hibernation, now’s the time to replant, renew and revise what plants you do have. Get them ready for Spring in Autumn. If they’re bedded down now they’ll be bursting to grow when the warmer weather comer around again.

The really good news….

Even if you are a keen garden, a bit of a DIY expert and have time & fitness on your side, you’re going to be pushed to complete some of those tasks let alone all of them.

So looking at your house & garden and looking at that list, you’re thinking you can’t tackle those issues. You may not be able to but the super reliable, super-efficient Grey Army can. All of those tasks are right up the street of the soldiers of the Grey Army.

Let them give your property the correct maintenance it needs now while the time is right.