After years of cherished moments and fond memories you are ready to sell your family home. Unfortunately with the way the property market stands in Victoria at the moment you will have to go that extra mile to help it move quickly, and get the price you want.

Although you may need to spend a little extra in preparing a house for sale, it should prove well worth the effort and expense by getting you a quicker sale. It is often the little things that people notice, and once they do, they go looking for the bigger ones. So concentrate on overcoming all those things that you may have put up with for years, but might turn potential buyers off.

The following 5 tips will make your property a much more attractive proposition for potential buyers:

1/ The first thing a potential buyer looks at is the outside of your property, make sure the exterior is as presentable as possible – mow the lawns, tidy the yard, weed the garden, remove any rubbish, clean the gutters, and if necessary have the exterior water blasted until it shines.

2/ De-clutter inside, the only thing a buyer wants to see in a house for sale is the expected furniture inside each room. Remove and stow your junk, store everything that does not need to be on display. Potential buyers like to visualize their own furniture and decoration while viewing the interior, less visual distraction makes it easier for them to see themselves living there.

3/ If the interior is looking a little dirty or dated then repainting your walls is definitely worth the investment. Always get a professional to do this job an amateur DIY attempt is always obvious to the critical eye of a possible buyer.

Put aside your own personal tastes in colour and choose a colour such as a warm, matt off white on the walls and a white gloss on the door frames and doors. This neutral colour scheme provides a blank canvas on which a potential buyer can project their own imagination onto.

4/ The same may apply to your carpet, if your carpet is faded and worn in places, most people will notice immediately. Giving potential buyers negative reasons to not buy your house is the worst thing you can do. An experienced carpet layer is essential for this job and it must be done after the interior painting is completely finished.

5/ Speaking of floors, check all the ceramic tiles in your house. Replace any cracked tiles, and re-grout areas if necessary. Maybe you could look at the various types of ceramic tile paint if you need to patch up a small area.

Just these 5 simple tips for preparing a house for sale may not only bring in some early bids but also add significantly to your sale price. Of course, if you need help with any of these things, call Grey Army on 13 11 98.