winter garden bed

Yes it’s cold & wet & windy outside and therefore we tend to stay indoors near the heating. But your poor garden doesn’t have that luxury – it’s stuck outside in all weather. It’s probably looking at you indoors and wondering if you’re ever going to come and visit.

And why should you? Do you really need to visit your garden in winter? I mean nothing much grows in the cold so why not just let it lie there and only take action once the weather warms up again in spring.

Well believe it or not there are tasks you can, and even should, do outdoors in the colder months. Here are just three simple things you should perform right now:

•             Plant potted coloured plants to give you some colour,

•             Dig over those veggie patches and let the soil breathe, and plant appropriate veggies now so as to be available in Spring,

•             General tidy up to prepare for the Spring – rake leaves, mulch your garden beds, aerate your lawn and prune dead wood.

Now if you don’t fancy some cold weather gardening or if your health makes that sort of activity difficult, there is a simple solution. The Grey Army has gardening experts who know all about your garden when it’s cold and wet.

They can prepare your garden and get it ready for Spring, give you a burst of simple colour in the depths of July and August and even plant some great veggies right now to be ready when it’s warmer.

And because it’s cold and wet, outdoor jobs are often not viable. But that means those indoor jobs you’ve been putting off for months can now be tackled. Jobs like plastering and painting the spare room, all forms of interior decorating, popping up into the ceiling to check on your insulation material and something really important, checking your gas appliances to see they are safe and running efficiently.

You need a qualified professional for those tasks and that’s where the Grey Army is your one stop shop. They are experts in all aspects of gardening and home maintenance. Their friendly experts have years of experience helping people just like you.

The Grey Army is only a phone call away – 13 11 98.