You have seen those signs which say Beware of the Dog. Well there should be one on the vans and trucks of incompetent tradesmen. The sign should read Beware of Dodgy Tradesmen.

It’s easy to laugh at people who get into all sorts of trouble doing some DIY. They spill the paint, fall off the ladder, tip the concrete in the wrong hole and get things horribly wrong. In fact you can see plenty of them here on this video

But it’s certainly no laughing matter when those sorts of things happen at your place and you’re paying for it.

It’s not funny when a dodgy tradesman leaves a mess behind which you have to clean up. It’s hardly hilarious when the tradesman doesn’t turn up or turns up late or doesn’t finish the job and then never returns to complete the work. How is that funny?

In fact it’s dangerous. Doubly dangerous because you are left with second-class repairs which could cause an accident and will certainly lower the value of your home. And the stress you suffer as you see your hard-earned money being wasted by some lazy, inexperienced and incompetent tradesman is a real worry for you.

Avoid all of the above. Create the perfect scenario for all your home maintenance, repairs and renovation needs. Hire a registered, expert and experienced tradesman from the Grey Army.

They all have a reputation for top quality work which is finished on time without the slightest hint of a mess left behind. You get a free written quote before the work begins and the fact that the Grey Army have been around for almost 25 years that we stand behind what we promise i.e. old fashioned value and integrity.

Take the worry out of having your property maintained and enjoy the benefits of engaging the experts at the Grey Army. They are happy to laugh with you but not at your expense. Call the Grey Army on 131198.