“I love a sunburnt country” is a line from a famous Australian poem. It’s very true because it cops some serious heat in the summer months, and even well into March. In and around Melbourne we constantly face the danger of bushfires, and the worst approach to the danger of bushfires is complacency.

Summer is naturally the worst time for these fires and this season has been relatively mild. But all it takes is a hot day or two and some gusty winds and the bush can be ablaze in no time. Even now, as we near the end of February, we cannot afford to become complacent!

We must also have a plan to help prevent a fire in the first place. There are simple and basic things you can do which may very well not only save your property but even your life or the life of your family. Many Melbourne suburban properties have come under threat because of these simple things have not been carried out.

But what if you, or someone you care for, are physically not up to doing the fire restricting activities? What if you, or someone you care for, just don’t have the time or the tools to lop branches, clear gutters, remove brush & undergrowth and generally tidy up and clean up around your house? There is a solution which is simple, highly effective and certainly reasonable in terms of cost. It’s the Grey Army.

Think of the piece of mind you’ll have knowing the dangerous fuel have been cleared and removed from your property. And it will look great as well.

Making properties neat & tidy and taking away all the branches, clippings, unwanted materials, and so on is all part of the deal when you call in the Grey Army.