So we come to the start of another year and you’re off to work. You’re off to the daily grind with the same old, same old work situation. You may be in a job you don’t like. You may be in a situation where you believe your talents are not recognised. You’re in a rut. Well, there is a better way.


It’s a better way because it offers great rewards, security and above all, excellent job satisfaction.

I’m talking about a handyman or lawn & garden franchise with the much respected, and highly successful, Grey Army. Making a major sea change in your life is never easy. You have responsibilities and you want to be sure the move is good for you. That’s why the Grey Army itself encourages anyone interested in joining their operation to carry out extensive due diligence.

They encourage you to ask yourself some very basic questions. Things like, “Do you really want to be your own boss?” “Is there a demand for the services you can provide?” “Have you spoken to other people who have joined the Grey Army and asked them about their experiences?”

It’s a big decision to change career so take your time and do your homework.

Mind you it does pay to also look at the benefits. You break free from the rat race and get out of the rut. You control your own destiny. You get great job satisfaction because you do your job very well. Never again will you have to take the morning and evening commute. Your work location changes every day. You get to meet all sorts of interesting and interested people.

Every franchisee of the Grey Army is treated like a member of the family. You get wonderful ongoing support. Your investment comes back many times over as the Grey Army promotes you and your services through smart marketing, generation of leads and quality advertising.

If you’re in a rut and would like a fresh start in a new year, then checking out the wonderful opportunities offered by the Grey Army could be the first step in a brighter future for you and your family.